Enhance Your Life Like Kelli Did

Do you, a family member, or a dear friend suffer from pain when you eat, combined with missing or loose teeth?  If so, you should call The HealthBite Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ramsey Fanous to assess if you are a candidate for his  “Teeth In A Day” procedure that has changed so many of his patients’ lives.  Let us tell you about 37 year old Kelli.

Kelli came into our office in pain, missing a lot of teeth, and suffering with chronic nausea. She was having difficulty eating not only because she was missing teeth, but also from pain due to constant infection.  She had also been diagnosed with Barrett’s disease; a condition which the lower portion of the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach becomes damaged due to chronic acid reflux. What this meant for Kelli, was that every time she ate her esophageal flap wasn’t closing properly. Her stomach acids were refluxing into her mouth, damaging her teeth, making her feel nauseous and vomiting frequently.

Her self- confidence was suffering due to the damage done to her once beautiful smile. Kelli longed to be out of pain, to enjoy eating the foods she loved, and to be able to smile again.

 At the HealthBite Center, we strive to provide our patients with several options to find the best possible solution for each patient that walks through our door. Kelli immediately knew that our “Teeth In A Day” procedure was the option for her.

It has been 5 months since Kelli had her “Teeth In A Day” procedure. She recently sent us a photograph labeled “THEN AND NOW”, commenting that the photo couldn’t be more accurate. In the photo labeled “THEN”, her mouth was closed; she looked unhealthy and sad. In the photo labeled “NOW”, she is smiling, vibrant and healthy. Kelli said her symptoms from Barrett’s disease had completely gone and she is now living her best life. As Kelli said it best, “It is so much more than just teeth… y’all fixed ME!”  We have included Kelli’s before and after photos……what a beautiful difference!

We love relaying these stories of our delighted patients, because patients like Kelli inspire others to take a leap of faith to invest in that life changing “something” for themselves.